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Exhibition Organization:

As TT Global Exhibition, we offer end-to-end exhibition organization services. This covers everything from the development of the exhibition’s concept to the marketing and on-site operations. We organize professional exhibitions where every detail is carefully planned and executed. The effective planning, organization, and management of the exhibitions help our clients and participants to gain maximum benefit from the exhibitions.

We develop effective solutions to help our clients and participants increase their visibility in their sectors and establish effective business connections.

Exhibition Stand Design and Installation

We offer standard or customized exhibition stand design and installation services to our participants. Our experienced design team creates stands that best represent our clients’ brands and attract visitors’ attention. We take on the complete installation and dismantling of the stands, so the only thing our clients need to focus on during the exhibition is their business.

Event Management

Beyond exhibition organization, we also offer general event management services. Whether it’s a product launch, a company meeting, or a networking event, we have the ability to manage all kinds of events to the highest standards and effectively.

Exhibition Equipment Rental

We offer rental services for various equipment needed by companies participating in exhibitions. This includes sound and lighting systems, visual equipment, exhibition furniture, and more. All our equipment is arranged to meet functional and aesthetic expectations.

Exhibition Accommodation and Transportation Services

Thanks to our solution partner Telgraf Tourism Travel Agency, we offer solutions to meet the accommodation and transportation needs of participants during the exhibition. From accommodation options to arranging transportation to and from the exhibition area, we manage everything on your behalf, so we ensure your customers focus on the exhibition.

Promotional Items Design and Service

As TT Global Exhibitions, we break the understanding of “gift items” that comes to mind first when promotional designs are mentioned, and we see them as the most important perception mediums that can be used to increase your brand’s fanaticism. Because we produce design ideas that touch every area of life.

Fair Organization

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